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Build Your Home Like a Lexus?


Most of the products we purchase today are made in a modern assembly plant using advanced technology to ensure a high level of quality and value. 

Why is it that the one thing we are likely to spend the most on, our home, is still hand built outdoors?

Would you consider having your new car delivered as a parts package and assembled in your front yard in the snow, rain and mud by a local mechanic? 

Likely not. It would be expensive and highly unlikely that the quality would meet the standard expected from today’s automated assembly plants.  

Home of the Future

While we would never choose this option for a new car, we typically take this approach when building a new home; certainly, this is how RDC has always built our award-winning custom homes.

While we have been very successful using this tried and true construction method, we are also always on the lookout for a better way to build: after reviewing the option of factory construction we are convinced we have found that better way; new homes built in a manufacturing facility, using superior quality control systems and ready to move into in about 6 months.

From carriage homes to luxury mansions, from a selection of stock designs to custom, consider that modular factory construction might be a great fit for you.

The Home of the Future


Many people think of a factory built home as one that arrives on wheels, is set up in a trailer park and has the Trailer Park Boys as neighbors. 

A modern factory built prefabricated home, stock design or custom, could not be further from this misconception. They are as unique and beautiful as anything you might see in an architectural magazine, or for that matter on RDC’s own website photo gallery.

Factory Built Home


When considering home construction, we typically measure the three legs of the construction triangle; cost, quality, and time.

RDC can confidently deliver on two of the three. Home builders will always struggle to try and satisfy homeowners on best price, superior quality and tight time frames.

That is until now: with the option of a factory build, we can confidently deliver peace of mind on these three key principles:

  1. Price certainty – Once the design and finishes are determined, whether it is a custom home or stock design, you are locked in at a guaranteed price.
  2. Time certainty – Typically it takes up to two months to get a building permit and 10-12 months to build a typical 2500-3000 sq. ft. home in the Sea to Sky corridor, (much longer for large luxury homes). A factory home is ready in 6 months or less from the time the design is signed off on. While you are waiting for your building permit your home is moving on to the production floor and a couple of months after the permit is issued the modules are delivered and installed onto your lot.
  3. Quality certainty – Craftsmanship, premium materials, and modern process come together in each home. A detailed quality assurance program combined with lessons learned from the automotive industry deliver on a promise of quality that can be very challenging for even the best builders of site built homes. Of course, with RDC, quality is always backed up with 3rd party certifications from Holmes Approved Homes, and energy performance through Built Green, Energy Star or Net Zero
The Construction Triangle


I am excited to let you know that RDC is now able to deliver factory built homes from our new partner Horizon North. Horizon North offers modern stock designs through the Karoleena and Kadence brands, and custom designed homes either through Horizon North’s own design studio or in partnership with your design team. 

RDC Fine Homes is excited to be able to add modular factory built homes to our list of construction services, if you would like to know more, please call us or connect through the website.


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