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Gates Lake Home Renovation


UPDATE 1 (FEBRUARY 26, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides a tour of our Net Zero Home Renovation in Gates Lake, BC. This energy-efficient family home has been nominated for a 2021 Georgie Awards.

Video Transcript Update 1

Bob Deeks: (00:00)
Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes. I have finally made it back up to our Net Zero reno here. This is a project we finished last summer and was labeled as the first Net Zero renovation by CHBA’s Net Zero labeling program in the fall. So I thought I’d come up and just do a quick video and show everyone exactly what the finished product looked like. We had done an earlier video on this, I think last spring, and of course, there’s been a few photo updates for this. This project is also a finalist for the Georgie Awards for energy-efficient renovations, so let’s go on inside and we’ll do a very quick tour and show you what the finished product looked like.

Bob Deeks: (00:46)
Go on inside. A new front door here from Westeck, really accented the front of the house with the new siding. Moving on inside, we took an unheated little entry area here, put in some built-in shelving, some built-in storage, and of course now it’s all insulated and heated so it’s a nice, warm, inviting entry into what is essentially a brand new house. All new finishes inside here. These are EuroLine’s 4700 series Passivhaus rated windows, and opening some new windows out to a spectacular view of the mountain was across Gates Lake here.

Bob Deeks: (01:28)
Of course all new kitchen finishes, new appliances. And in here new laundry. We converted a two-piece bath into a new three-piece bath with a lovely window looking out onto the lake there. Master bedroom in here, and then all new flooring finishes, of course. Electrical lighting all done by one of our great partners up here, Rainbow Electric. This is luxury vinyl plank, new flooring, and then of course redid the bathroom up here, and then all new finishes up on this top floor. Again, new windows with a fantastic view out to the lake.

Bob Deeks: (02:26)
So the family has been living in the house now for the winter, and the feedback, super positive. What you can see here, these are light tubes. So rather than doing skylight, we did two light tubes here, and they have light bulbs in them. So right now this is just the sunlight coming through from outside, but then in the evening you can flip the lights on, and so they double up as lighting fixtures.

Bob Deeks: (02:53)
So there you go, BC’s first Net Zero reno, labeled again by CHBA’s renovation program. Outside we of course did exterior insulation using BASF’s Neopor installation, so significant improvements to the installation values over the entire house. And then we used AeroBarrier installed by Airtight Solutions to get us down below 1.5 air changes on this old 1970s house. So, a really successful project, beautiful house inside, and of course we’re looking forward to the finals for the Georgie Awards to see if we got this across the line and we got ourselves another trophy.

Bob Deeks: (03:38)
Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on some of our other projects. And of course, if you like what we’re doing, follow us along on Instagram. Thanks.

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