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Net Zero Energy Building

What is Net Zero Energy Home Building?

We are big fans of building for the future, and a big part of that is making a sustainable and energy-efficient home. As the government, builders, and homeowners start incorporating sustainability into their planning, we’ll see energy efficiency options and technologies become more affordable, making “Net Zero Homes” much more attainable.

A Net Zero Energy (NZE) building has zero net energy consumption, meaning the total energy used annually roughly equals the amount of renewable energy created on the site. 

Net Zero Home Elements

EnerGuide rates the energy performance of the home; the higher the rating, the more efficient the home) is. Lower EnerGuide numbers indicate better energy performance for a home. For a home to be completely Net Zero, it will most likely need to incorporate solar power or some form of renewable energy. Some areas offer energy buyback programs where whatever energy you don’t use can be sold back to the grid as a credit.

These buildings consequently do not increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They sometimes consume non-renewable energy and produce greenhouse gases, but at other times reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas production elsewhere by the same amount.

Why Choose a Net Zero Home?

We are actively propelling this new design system forward with RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks, who sits as Vice Chair of the Net Zero Energy Housing Council.

Learn More About Net Zero Construction

RDC Fine Homes' Bob Deeks on Net Zero

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks explains why we are happily involved with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association “Net Zero Energy Housing Council.”

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