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Modular Construction & Radon Gas Mitigation



We began deconstruction of the previous building in early April with our trade partner, Phase One Dismantling Services. They saved any building material that could be re-used, and separated as many materials for recycling as they could thus diverting an enormous proportion of construction material from the landfill.

By early-May, Corona Excavations, was performing the siteworks to prepare the site for the new house.

In mid-June we were building the concrete forms provided by Vancouver ICF, and we did the concrete footings and foundation pour in the last week of June.

In construction, one example of wasting time can be by making numerous trips to the hardware store every day. Each trip uses fuel, increases wear and tear on the vehicle and most importantly removes a worker from the site and slows down the overall speed of the build. 

GB Concrete Working With RDC Fine Homes

Pat from GB Concrete working with Liam from RDC

Lean Construction makes us look at this situation and see how it can be improved upon. It may seem simple but by anticipating the exact amount of materials needed for each day and week we can prevent multiple trips away from the site. Applying this logic to our business we’ve made it leaner and run better.

In early July we had one of our preferred plumbing, gas, and mechanical partners, Ashlu Mechanical, onsite to complete the underground plumbing rough-ins. 

This was the last item to complete before we installed our radon gas mitigation system (see below).

Radon Block Install RDC

Radon Block Installation


On July 13th we had Alan Whitehead (President & CEO) and David Innes (Director of Sales), from Radon Environmental  on-site to help us install the Radon Guard and Block mitigation products. Radon gas is a radioactive, carcinogenic gas that has been recently found to be present in West Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Corridor. 

Radon gas can enter your home through the floor (concrete and typical 6mm poly vapour barriers are porous), windows, groundwater, and cracks in the floor and walls. Even if your home is completely air-tight, radon gas can find its way in. 

For more information on radon gas, please take a look at our blog post on that topic .

RDC works with Radon Environmental (a Holmes Approved Homes company) to bring technologies from around the globe to efficiently test and mitigate the risks in your home. 

They generously provided material (Radon Guard and Block) and their time to help us install the foundation underslab insulation and barrier system which helps mitigate against radon gas in homes.

Radon Gas Mitigation Block


Radon Guard helps create better airflow below the concrete slab while simultaneously adding insulation and structural integrity. Radon Block was used instead of the poly vapor barrier we normally use (poly vapour barrier is approved in the building code and is standard practice). The difference is that the poly barrier blocks almost no radon, even if it is taped and sealed. 

Radon Block is currently the best available membrane system in the industry to block radon gas. This is one of many areas which RDC is ahead of the competition in terms of building innovation and performance.

The installation went very well. Alan and David from Radon Environmental enjoyed working with our RDC crew of Liam, Jesse, and Jamie. They had high praise for their positive attitude and willingness to learn. We plan to use this mitigation system on all our new homes going forward. There are other mitigation techniques available for pre-existing homes. If you are interested in a retrofit, please get in touch with us.

Once we had the Radon Guard and Block installed we were able to pour our foundations. This was completed by GB Concrete, one of RDC’s preferred concrete pump, place, and finishing trades.

RDC Team Rob Deeks Alan Whitehead Radon Enviornmental

David Innes, Director of Sales and Alan Whitehead, President & CEO Radon Environmental with our President, Bob Deeks.


Our Whistler Rd home is also a panelized home. There are many benefits to building a panelized home including shorter construction timelines, price certainty, and quality that can surpass site-built homes. We worked with another Holmes Approved Holmes company, BASF, to design the perfect home for our clients. 

These clients wanted a home that was cost effective, energy efficient, structurally sound, and high performing. That is why we decided upon the HP+ Wall System XR Series.

Whistler Road Walls

Cameron Prefabricated Walls In Transport

The HP+ Wall System XR Series is a strong structural assembly that exceeds building code requirements. The XR series offers exceptional energy and cost efficiencies. It contains three of BASF’s innovative products:

  • Neopor®, a graphite-enhanced rigid thermal foam insulation (with new flame retardant)
  • WALLTITE®, a high-performance insulating air barrier that also increases structural strength
  •  MasterSeal® NP1™, a high-performance polyurethane sealant that creates—in combination with WALLTITE®—a superior air and vapour barrier

The HP+ Wall System XR Series has been tested by third party laboratories and reviewed by an independent engineering firm. The walls, floor trusses, and roof trusses were manufactured by Cameron Walls in Quebec and shipped to site at the end of July by Norvinic Transport.

Whistler Road Walls 2

First Day of Panel Installation

The RDC crew (Liam, Jesse, Jamie) along with the help of BASF representatives’, Stephan DesRochers and Hugo Beauregard, successfully installed all prefabricated items including the walls, floor trusses and plywood, and roof trusses for an 1,800 + sq. ft. home in just two days! 

This was possible due to detailed preparation and good communication between RDC and BASF in the weeks leading up to the installation. 

The project’s Site Supervisor, Liam Casey, worked extensively with Stephan DesRochers (Residential Construction Specialist for Western Canada) to review production drawings and construction details to ensure site installation was a success.

Whistler Road Walls 3

Second Day of Panel Installation

Throughout the planning and execution of this project, BASF has provided RDC with incredible customer service and training on their HP+ Wall System XR Series designed specifically for residential construction applications. 

RDC looks forward to partnering with BASF on projects like this in the future. Now that we have the walls and roof up, it won’t take long for our team to wrap up the rest of the home! 

The clients are thrilled with the progress thus far and were watching the installation from the street (along with other curious bystanders) both days.

WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS about Panelized construction!

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