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Multivista Construction Photography


RDC prides itself in teaming with the best trade partners we can find. Whether it is teaming with professionals like Mike Holmes to become the first Holmes Approved Builder in British Columbia, or teaming with Energy Star to become one of the first Certified Energy Star Builders in BC, we are always looking for relationships that will elevate our service and quality to a new level.

From our on-site trades like our excavation contractors, plumbers, heating and mechanical contractors, to our back end partners like our home warranty providers WBI Home Warranty, our partners elevate our quality and play a key role in helping us to deliver a high-quality product to our clients.

I thought I’d focus today on one of those partners that many of you might not even know we have.  RDC has worked with Multivista, the world’s leading photographic construction documentation company for many years.  

Basically what Multivista will do, is come on site to photograph various stages of construction, thereby giving both the client and RDC a photographic documentation of the different stages of construction.  In cases where we have been working with an out of town client, it has allowed them to stay connected to the project and see what is going on at different phases of the project.  From our point of view, this documentation has proved invaluable for looking back on a project to troubleshoot problems or for reassurance that things were done properly.

RDC Team Photo

A good example of one of the many times we have successfully utilized Multivista’s photographs was when we were building a single family home a number of years ago, and after drywall (prior to the home being finished), we encountered some problems with some piping in the walls (behind the drywall).  

We were able to access multivista’s online photographs and this allowed us to essentially look behind the drywall to see exactly where the piping ran, and rather than go through an expensive process of cutting numerous holes in the drywall trying to fix the problem, we were able to isolate the area, allowing minimal drywall damage, and a relatively quick and easy fix to the issue with the piping.

We strongly urge all of our clients to utilize Multivista, not necessarily to photograph every phase of construction (although if budgets allow this, it is a great record of the construction), but at minimum, to photograph the home prior to drywall, to create an accurate record of pipes and wires before they are covered.  

Click here to find out more about Multivista, or give us a call and find out about Multivista or any of our other partners, and what we can do together to build you a better home!

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