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Working with Your Home Designer


We have a new worksite up and running here in Whistler. As always, we are hoping for a mild winter down below and a record blizzard year up top, allowing us to work on the building site through the winter, but also allowing plenty of powder days on our days off!

We are in the process of completing the site works and hope to be on site and starting the foundation before long.

RDC Building Site Preparation

If you have followed us for a long time, you will know that we have always been big advocates of working hand in hand with the architect, designers, and the homeowners through the entire building process, from picking the lot, to design, to the obvious building of the home (and including follow-up and warranty, long after the building process has been complete).

We are always happy to speak with any client and help at any stage of their project, keeping in mind that the more influence and input we can have in the entire process, the more likely you are going to end up with a more cost-effective, energy-efficient home, that meets all of your wants and needs, and ultimately allows you to end up with a better-built home.

We have had instances in the past where a client has a certain home design and style in mind, and then goes out and works independently with a realtor to purchase what they picture will be their dream piece of property.  They then approach us to build their home. We can and have done this for a client, but it inevitably ends up in frustration (both for the client and the builder), as there is often a disconnect from the design the client has chosen and the piece of land on which they want it built.

Things like site prep (for example, it could be a very rocky piece of land that requires a great deal of blasting – at a very high cost), and realistic timelines (ie – how long it takes to get plans approved, and permits issued), are often overlooked, or not considered when a client works independently of their Builder, Designer or architect.

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We are happy to say that in the above project, we have worked closely with the homeowners, from helping them pick an appropriate piece of land, through the design, and current site prep stage and we are confident that when complete, this project will exceed our client’s expectations.

As always feel free to call or email us for a no obligation discussion on your potential project. We’d love to share our knowledge and get your project started on the right foot!

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