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Building Energy-Efficient Homes


Here at RDC our tagline is “…In the business of building a better home!”

That sounds pretty good, but what exactly does this entail?

RDC commits to building a better home, through a better building process better building techniques, better designs, and better products.

We endeavor to engage our trade and design partners in the entire building process. As an example, we want to engage with our clients from the inception of their building journey.  If we are able to give our opinion and recommendations when a building lot is chosen, we can work from the outset with the architects and design professionals, together to come up with the most cost-effective design for the building lot.

As a team, we can take into account things like the orientation of the building on the site to maximize solar gains in the winter and passive shading in the hot summer months, or perhaps our recommendations on ways to minimize site prep costs, by designing to the particular topography of the site.

Building Better with RDC Fine Homes

At RDC we are big believers in the idea of value engineering, where the builder works with the design team to maximize building efficiency to keep costs in line. 

An example of this would be with the amount of window glazing that is used on a home, and where it is oriented, or if there is an opportunity to use less lumber for example by going from 12″ to 16″or 18″stud spacing within some of the walls? At RDC, we use our experience to answer questions like; have all factors such as heat loss & gain been taken into account, and considered in relation to the view corridors and the ways to best maximize these?  

Have the most cost effective and energy efficient products been chosen for the home? Has the home been designed  to be built with the best and most efficient products (things like Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs), or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)? 

Products that have been proven time and time again to be the most effective (when installed by an experienced Builder like RDC), at creating an air tight Building envelope which inevitably leads to a less drafty, more energy efficient (and in the long term, cheaper to operate), home?

RDC Georgie Award Kitchen 2

We endeavor to continually push the (building) envelope (pardon the pun).  Committing to never be content with the status quo, and ensuring that the home we build you today is built to code standards that may have yet to be enacted, thereby future proofing your investment.

At RDC we discuss building envelopes, air changes, solar cooling and shading, SIP panels and Insulated Concrete Forms, (amongst other items), but what it all boils down to is that when we say we are in the business of building a better home, we commit to building a more comfortable, less drafty, energy efficient, and healthy home.  It’s a home that any one of our Team would feel comfortable living in with our own families.

We are always available to answer your questions or to give some advice.  Feel free to give us a call and find out how RDC can help you achieve the home you’ve always wanted!

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