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GFL Squamish Mechanics Bay


RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks gives an update on our newest project in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. We’re creating a mechanics bay in the GFL facility in Squamish!

UPDATE #1 (APRIL 2022)

RDC Fine Homes GFL Environmental #1 (April 2022) RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks gives an update on our newest project in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. We’re creating a mechanics bay in the GFL facility.

Video Transcript Update 1

Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. Glad to be back in front of the camera here. It’s been a few months since we’ve been able to shoot a video, we have a number of projects now just getting started in the spring. And of course you can see behind me, the GFL logo. We are at the GFL sorting facility down in Squamish here. And although we don’t do a whole lot of commercial work, we are always available for our key partners to help out with small projects such as this. So let’s go on inside and see what the boys are doing in creating some additional storage space for GFL down in Squamish. We’re inside GFL as you can see, the boys are well underway in framing this wall that will separate the sorting facility from a new space in here that will be utilized for servicing the vehicle fleet.

GFL has a couple of bays on the other side of this wall, needed a little more space for vehicle servicing. Of course, using the big roll up doors at either end here. So far, we have poured the concrete floor to install some big footing pads to support the mezzanine level that will go on top of this wall. Of course, new footings underneath the wall itself to help support the weight of that new floor. And then this wall also intended to make sure that we can keep any rodent infestation from the recycling side, from what will become the new service bay for vehicles.

So far, of course, all the concrete works are done. This wall that both separates the spaces and will then support the new mezzanine level for parts storage in place. You can see wall construction underway there. And then on this wall in front of us, eventually we will core a hole to connect the existing mechanic base with this new service spot here. So stay tuned. We’ll come back in a couple of weeks to look at progress on the framing of the mezzanine area. This project should be wrapped up sometime towards the end of May, beginning of June. Thanks very much for watching. If you want to follow along, please make sure to subscribe to any and all of our channels. Thanks.

UPDATE #2 (SEPTEMBER 20, 2022)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks gives another update on our mezzanine and mechanic bay construction project in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

Video Transcript Update 2

So here we are inside. I don’t know if you remember, or you watched the previous video, but six weeks ago, they were just starting the framing in here. And of course now, the mezzanine level, stairs and everything is completed. Drywall is done, painted. It almost looks too good to be a service bay for a waste sorting facility.Of course, what we’re looking at here used to be part of the sorting facility for recyclables and has been converted to be a service bay for vehicles.

Of course, we’ve got doors on either side for access through for vehicles. And we are just looking for the completion of the stair railings, some finishes on there, and of course, railings on the upper mezzanine level that will be used for part storage.

So great job by the RDC crew to create this super clean-looking expansion of service space. So thanks very much to GFL and the team for a great project here. Actually came in a little bit under budget which is always exciting. And of course, if you like to follow along on some of our stories here on some of our projects, please make sure to like, or follow on the channels. Thanks for watching.

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