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Emerald Estates Home Build Update


Updates from our Whistler home construction project located in Whistler’s Emerald Estates!

UPDATE 1 (JUNE 25, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides an update on a new construction project in Emerald Estates in beautiful Whistler BC Canada. This project features Nudura ICF Foundations, EuroLine Passive House Windows, Airtight Solutions AeroBarrier system, Radon Guard™ and Radon Block™. And thanks to Whistler Excavations for their work helping prepare this site!

Video Transcript Update 1

Bob Deeks:

“Hey, there. Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes at our newest construction site here in Emerald Estates in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Just getting started on the footings and the NUDURA ICF Foundation, looking to pour next Thursday. And this is an exciting product for us. We have panelized all the floors, walls, and roof in our brand-new panel shop down in Function Junction.

So, really looking forward to seeing all that go up in a couple of weeks from now. We should see a roof on here in four to five weeks. And then to help achieve our air tightness and our BC Energy Code Step Four target, we will be using EuroLine’s Passive House 4700 series windows. And, of course, we will be using Airtight Solutions Aerobarrier air tightness system to get our air changes down below 1ACH.

We will also be using Radon Environmental products, Radon Guard, and Radon Block for radon mitigation underneath our slabs here. And just want to have a big shout out to Whistler Excavations for all the work they’ve done here to prepare the site. Ready to go, and really looking forward to seeing some progress over the next four or five weeks. Stay tuned!”

UPDATE 2 (JULY 7, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides an update from our Whistler Emerald Estates home currently under construction. We feature how we use products such as NUDURA@ Waterproofing Membrane and DELTA®-DRAIN Drainboard to build dry, clean-smelling basements.

Video Transcript Update 2

Bob Deeks:

“Hey. Bob Deeks here with RDC Fine Homes up at our newest build in Emerald Estates in beautiful British Columbia. As you can see, foundation poured last Thursday. The boys are just finishing stripping it off. What I wanted to detail today was our waterproofing strategies for our Nudura insulated concrete form foundation here. You can see the Nudura Peel and Stick has been applied to the outside of the forms, and if you look closely right down at the bottom there, you’ll see the plastic Fastfoot bag footing that we used as our footing assembly is lapped underneath our Peel and Stick, and what this does is it creates a nice waterproof assembly so we don’t get any moisture wick up through our foundation into our wood framing components.

And then to finish the whole thing off, we’ve got the DELTA MS drainboard here, and that prevents any hydrostatic pressure buildup against the foundation and further inhibits any moisture getting into the basement. And this is what creates that nice dry smelling basement for the life of this house. And I’m sure we all remember growing up in those houses with the damp, musty-smelling basements. This is what keeps the basement nice and dry and clean-smelling. 

Big shout out to the crew at RDC for damp-proofing and Mountain Built Contracting here for doing all the form work. Stay tuned, we are about two weeks out from assembling our prefab walls, floors and roof.” load the concrete up. As you can see, we’ve got to get up to that level way up there on the next floor, so you can see where the pump truck is right now. Eventually, those walls will get up another 15 feet.”

UPDATE 3 (JULY 15, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides an update from our Whistler Emerald Estates home currently under construction. Bob shows the new wall panels built in-house that will be used for this project. And this is the first video Bob has made with his new Osmo Mobile 3 phone stabilizer.

Video Transcript Update 3

Bob Deeks:

“Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes here. I’ve got my newest gadget. I’ve got an Osmo 3 Stabilizer for my phone camera. Isn’t that really nice and steady? So all of my video quality should be significantly improved from now on.

What we’re looking at here is our wall panels packaged up and ready to go for our BC Energy Step Code house up in beautiful Emerald Estates in Whistler British Columbia. Looking forward to getting all the wall assembled in the next week or so. The foundation is ready to go and we’re just waiting on the last of the backfill. So, some exciting times coming up.

Stay tuned. As soon as the walls are ready to go I will be on-site with my fancy stabilizer here and we’ll get some video of the house being erected.”


UPDATE 4 (JULY 28, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides an update from our Whistler Emerald Estates home currently under construction. We feature Day 1 and Day 2 of our wall panel installation. These panels were built in-house at our shop in Whistler’s “Function Junction”.

Video Transcript Update 4

Bob Deeks:


“Bob Deeks here, with RDC Fine Homes on a beautiful Monday morning here in Whistler, British Columbia. We are just starting to lift our first wall for our latest panelization project. This is targeted to be a BC Energy Step Code 4 home, 1,750 square foot single-family residence here.

We panelized the walls, the floors, and the roof in our shop down in Function Junction. And here we go. The first wall is coming up and slowly going into place. The guys are going to be here for the next two and a half days. We will come back this afternoon and see how they’ve done. Hopefully, we will see the first floor walls and the first-floor package in place, ready for second-story tomorrow.”


“Hey there, Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes here in the afternoon of our first day. As we complex this new home in Emerald Estates in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Shout out to Black Tusk Cranes for doing all the heavy lifting here. They are a great partner for us, and they do all our crane work.

As you can see, the boys are just starting to layout the main beams for the floor system. Few of the floor joists are already down. The goal for the end of the day today will be to get all the floor joists down, and just get the sheeting started at this end so that they can start assembling some walls tomorrow morning.

Shout out to our key product partners on this project, BASF for the HP+ XR Wall System, using Neopor for our exterior insulation, and their wall-tight insulation on the interior of the walls. EuroLine Windows, with their triple glazed 4,700-series Passive House Windows that really helps improve the overall performance of this project. And of course, Air Tight Solutions with the AeroBarrier airtightness system, who will come in pre-drywall to make sure we hit our airtightness numbers to get us to our BC Energy Step Code 4 level, which is what we’re targeting on this.

So stay tuned, I will be back tomorrow morning as we watch the second-floor walls go in. Looking to have the roof on this baby by Thursday afternoon. So follow along, as you see, a house gets put up in one week.”


“Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes back at our panelized project here in Emerald Estates in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia.

End of day two, we can see that the second-floor walls are now in. The first-floor package, of course, is complete. We’ve actually got some stairs now installed. Just walking through here, we’ll get a little peek through the window. There you go. Stairs are just peeking in through there and looking forward till tomorrow.

First thing in the morning, the floor system will go on, you can see there’s no floor up there. And we’ll get the third-floor walls done end of day tomorrow. And then schedule for Thursday, will be to get the roof panels and some miscellaneous back framing done.

So essentially, we should have a completed house by the end of the day Thursday. So stay tuned. Special mention to GNAR, who’s done all the permit drawings and our BIM Modeling for this project. Couldn’t have done it without them. And we are really looking forward to the end of the week. Look for an update tomorrow.”

UPDATE 5 (JULY 31, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides an update from our Whistler Emerald Estates home currently under construction. We feature Day 3 and Day 4 of our wall panel installation. We thanks our partners for this installation: Black Tusk Cranes, BASF HP+ XR Wall Systems, Airtight Solutions Aerobarrier. and EuroLine Windows that help us achieve our BC Energy Step 4 level.

Video Transcript Update 5

Bob Deeks:

“Hey, there. Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes. I am up here in Emerald Estates, in Whistler, British Columbia, at our panelled project, day three and a half. Third-floor walls and some of the roof beams are now in place. Guys are on track to get the roof panels on, tomorrow.

Shout out to Black Tusk Cranes, for doing all the heavy lifting, here on this site, and, of course, BASF for our HP+ XR Wall System here. It gives us all our thermal performance. And, of course, Airtight Solutions for the AeroBarrier Airtight System and EuroLine Windows.

Those three partners are what will help us achieve our BC Energy Step Code four-level, which is what we’re targeting here. So stay tuned. I’ll have another update late tomorrow, and we’ll see the roof in place. Stay tuned.

Only three walls left to go here, on early Friday afternoon. We were so getting close to being ready to put our four roof panels on. Stay tuned, and we’ll do an update video in a couple of hours.

Here we go, for posterity sake. Last wall on our RDC’s very, very first panelized project, going in here, mid-day on Friday afternoon. Looking forward to getting the last two beams and the roof panels in here, shortly. Great job by the RDC team in panelizing the whole project on this three-story, 1800 square-foot house. And everything fit like a glove.”

UPDATE 6 (MARCH 31, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our new home construction project in Whistler’s Emerald Estates neighbourhood. Bob provides details about the Radon Mitigation work underway. The work includes the use of Radon Environmental’s ‘Radom Guard’ and ‘Radon Block’.

Video Transcript Update 6

Bob Deeks:

“Bob Deeks with the RDC Fine Homes. I am here up at our Step Four Project in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. I wanted to give you a brief update on where we’re going with this. As you can see behind me, our EuroLine 4700-Series windows are in, but today I really want to focus on our radon mitigation for this new home, with the products that are supplied by Radon Environmental. So let’s go on onsite and we’ll see what the boys have done with these products that will ensure that we have no radon gas inside the house. And just to note, if you want to follow along in the project, click on and subscribe to the YouTube channel below, and then you’ll get notifications for all the follow up videos. So I’m inside on the lowest level of this new home. The gold fabric you can see underneath the electric heating lines here is called Radon Block and it’s made by Radon Environmental.

And this is a soil gas membrane to make sure that if this house has radon gas that we’re not getting any of that gas infiltrating into the living space. Underneath it, something that we can’t see is the Radon Guard, which is a channeled EPS foam insulation that makes sure that we have a good ventilation cavity underneath the radon membrane, to ensure that if radon gas is underneath this concrete slab that it can find a way out. And as you can see over here, that white pipe in front of me, that’s our depressurization system. Should we discover that we have such a high level of radon in the house that we need to ventilate underneath the slab that pipe eventually will go all the way to the roof so that we can put a fan on there and depressurize the slab as the last resort to ensure that this home remains a healthy home for the family that’s going to move in.”

UPDATE 7 (APRIL 6, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our new home construction project in Whistler’s Emerald Estates neighbourhood.

Bob provides details about the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) Duct Testing work underway. We’re using a Venmar AVS Constructor 1.5 HRV for this project.

Thanks to David Hill, Eneready Products and Squamish Heating for their great work with this project.

Video Transcript Update 7

Bob Deeks:

“We’re here with RDC Fine Homes. I am here at our step four project up in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. We have David Hill here from Eneready Products in to do our duck blast test on our HRV. We are using Venmar Constructo 1.5 ES HRV in this project.

What David is doing is he’s doing a pressure test on the ducting system to make sure that all the joints are properly sealed up. Shout out to Squamish Heating and Ventilation and Glenn for doing a fantastic job here. You can see the way that the ducts are sealed by all that gray mastic on this gray pipe, which is the piping that is throughout the house and will provide ventilation and ensure that this is a healthy home for our happy family.”

UPDATE 8 (SEPT, 30, 2020)

In this video Bob Deeks provides details Air Tightness Testing completed at RDC Fine Homes’ Emerald Estates home construction project. Bob also interviews Jan Toren from Airtight Solutions.

Bob provides details about the airtightness testing completed by Airtight Solutions to ensure an energy-efficient and healthy home for this home’s owners.

Thanks to Airtight Solutions Inc as well as Greer Spray Form for the excellent insulation work and the RDC Fine Homes team for a great framing job.

Video Transcript Update 8


Bob Deeks:

“Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. I am up at our Emerald Estates BC Energy Step Code 4 house today. We have Airtight Solutions here to perform the AeroBarrier airtightness system, and let’s go on inside. We’ll have a look at the house. Installation was completed last week by Greer Spray Foam, and the Airtight boys here are just setting up. We’ll go inside and talk a little bit about what they’re going to do here.”


Jan Toren:

“Hi, I’m Jan from Airtight Solutions, and today what we did was seal the house from 4.8 air changes at 50 pascals down to 0.8 air change at 50 pascals. And how we did that is basically set up a whole bunch of spray nozzles in the house, fog the entire house under pressure, and then it finds all the little holes and seals them up. And then after about, I don’t know, two hours or so, we achieved our target.”

Bob Deeks:

“All right. That’s awesome. And how many buckets of sealant did you use?”

Jan Toren:

“On this project, we used less than one five-gallon bucket.”

Bob Deeks:

“And how does that compare?”

Jan Toren:

“That is actually really good.”

Bob Deeks:

“All right. So the RDC framing team did a pretty good job on getting her sealed up to start with?”

Jan Toren:

“They did. Yeah, yeah.”

Bob Deeks:

“All right. That’s awesome. Thanks, Jan. Great job. Looking forward to the next one coming up shortly.”

Jan Toren:

“You bet. Thanks, man.”

Bob Deeks:

“All right.”


Bob Deeks:

“So inside the house, airtight is complete with the AeroBarrier system, and our number one goal in bringing Airtight Solutions onto the site is to ensure that we meet our airtightness goal of getting down below one air change per hour. And we really think that the AeroBarrier system is the best possible complement to our BASF wall assembly here.

You can see the purple foam in the walls back there. That is our strategy to make sure that we have really good thermal performance. It gives us our energy efficiency in our walls and our ceiling and also ensures that the house is draft-free. And then AeroBarrier comes in and it seals up all those little nooks and crannies to make sure that the thermal performance in the walls is complemented by a really airtight assembly. And so the boys took about a half a day to apply the aerated latex sealant and have got us down to about 0.9 air changes once all the tape and protection was removed.

So very confident that when the house is done, we should hit our Energy Step Code goal of Step Code 4, and one air change per hour really, really helps us in getting that goal in a cost-effective, economic way. So shout out to the Airtight guys. Great job today. Looking forward to drywall, starting on Wednesday.”

UPDATE 9 (NOV, 16, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our new home construction project in Whistler’s Emerald Estates neighbourhood. The crew has installed James Hardie ‘fire-safe’ siding and is starting the installation of finishes inside this custom home build. Thanks to RONA for supplies, Calibre Contracting for siding installation, and Twin Peaks Tiling for bathroom finishes installation.

Video Transcript Update 9

Bob Deeks:

“Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes up here in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. I am up here at our Energy Step Code 4 home in Emerald Estates for a little bit of an update. As you can see, siding is going on here.

A shoutout to Calibre Contracting for doing a great job with the siding. This is a James Hardie fiber cement product that we’re putting on there. As you can see from here, we are pretty close to the forest, so the fiber cement siding really helps make our house fire smart and fire safe. Just in case there is a fire on the neighborhood, we’ve got a non-combustible fiber cement siding going on here. Let’s go on inside, and we’ll have a quick look at…

All right, just heading on inside. You can see drywall, first coat of paint, all done. Into the garage here, just getting our load of interior base and case from RONA, so great to see that coming in. That’s going to go and get installed next week. Upstairs, we’ll just get a look at what’s going on in here.

We’ve got the flooring is down, all covered up with our Ram Board to protect it. You can see kitchen cabinet cases are on site. Sorry, a little bit of a mess as the guys are scrambling to get all the finishing works done. Kitchen cabinet guys are coming in today to start installing all these so we can get our countertops in. And then just quickly going upstairs here, and we’ll have a quick look at the tiling. Great job by the tiler (Twin Peaks Tiling). Can’t remember who he is at the moment, but we’ll get that noted in the notes. Tiles in all the way through. Flooring’s all down up here.”

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