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RDC Fine Home Profile CHBA Net Zero Home

Net-Zero Ready Home in Whistler

We are excited to showcase this beautiful high-performance Net Zero Ready home in Whistler by RDC Fine Homes.
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Gates Lake Reno Updates

Gates Lake Net Zero Home Renovation

This energy-efficient Net Zero family home renovation was nominated for a 2021 Georgie Award!
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Safety Learning Loop

Safety Climate Tool for Home Construction

We were able to get some great feedback from our team on how to improve our overall operations and safety performance.
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What is a Passive Home

What is a Passive House

Passive House is a standard that’s used in construction. These buildings are so well insulated that they do not need a dedicated heating system.
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Why Not Build Net Zero

Net Zero Homes All You Need To Know

A Net Zero home is a home that produces as much energy as it consumes. This is achieved through considered design choices, use of modern ...
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RDC Dream Green Home

Why Build Environmentally Conscious Dream Home

RDC strives to build Healthy Homes for Happy Families. See how we bring environmentally conscious ideas to life in the way we run our business!
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Invisible Pollution From Your Home

The Invisible Pollution Produced by Your Home

Do you know that your home produces an invisible gas with no odor that is polluting the environment everyday? If you guessed Carbon Dioxide or ...
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