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Holmes on Holmes Podcast

Holmes on Homes Podcast

Water is an essential part of our everyday lives. But do you really know what’s in your water?
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Mike Holmes Guest Post Exterior Maintenance

Mike Holmes Guest Post – Exterior Maintenance

Now is a great time to start planning jobs and repairs that should be addressed before temperatures start to drop, especially when it comes to ...
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Mold Remediation Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes Guest Post – Mold Remediation

Once the call to your insurance company has been made, you know that it’s time to deal with the mold, but where do you start?
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Mike Holmes What's That Smell

Mike Holmes Guest Post – What’s That Smell?

A lot of the issues with homes can’t be seen with your eyes. Use your nose to sniff out problems to see what’s wrong.
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Mike Holmes DIY Guest

Mike Holmes Guest Post – Why No DIY

Ever try putting up trim? Crown moulding? Hanging a door? How hard can it be, right? Aren’t there instructions to follow or a weekend workshop ...
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Mike Holmes Guest Skilled Trades Sherry

Mike Holmes Guest Post – Skilled Trades

I have talked about the shortage of skilled trades for years. This is a real crisis we are facing. I’m not overstating it. We do ...
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Ice Damming

Ice Damming

If you are not familiar with ice damming and what the implications are, it is basically a freeze-thaw cycle where a combination of water and ...
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Make Your Home Safer

12 Simple Safe & Healthy Home Tips From Mike Homes

Mike Holmes goes over some simple steps you can do to make your home safer and healthier.
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DIY Weekend Home Projects

Teaming with the Best to Give You the Best Product!

RDC prides itself in teaming with the best trade partners we can find. Including; Mike Holmes, Energy Star, WBI Home Warranty, and more.
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RDC Team Mike Holmes

How We Met Mike Holmes

The story of how we became the 1st Holmes Approved Homes builder in British Columbia.
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