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The Builder Checklist


At RDC we realize that with all of the choices out there, choosing a builder can be an intimidating and challenging task.  

In an attempt to simplify this, we’d like to say just pick us!…. but in all seriousness, whether you are hiring RDC or any other contractor, it’s helpful to make use of a checklist of things to consider in the selection process. Here’s ours:

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Reputation & Stability

Ask for references from past clients. To ensure you are getting a comprehensive overview of the builders performance, ask for a list of all their clients from the past year.  Does the builder survey their previous customers for feedback? Do they use a 3rd party such as Avid Ratings and can you get copies of the results?


Does the builder have a quality assurance program? How are they graded by their customers on quality and follow-up on deficiencies and warranty? Can you get a tour of previous projects to see the work first hand?


How much experience does the prospective builder have building the type of house you want? How do they keep themselves and their staff current on changes to the industry, both in terms of design and building code changes?

Stability and Presence

A good builder will have a presence in your community. They will employ skilled employees who are current on changes to the industry and are actively engaged in continuing education. Is the builder full time or is building homes something they do in their spare time? A full-time builder’s has more time, money, and effort invested in their business and will work harder to uphold their reputation.

Customer Service Program

A good builder will be responsive and accountable in terms of customer service both during and after you move in. Do they offer a comprehensive home owner manual. What is their process for orienting the new home owner on their new home? What is their track record on after sales service?


A builder who is serious about their profession will be a member in various professional organizations related to their industry. This will often include Home Builder Associations such as CHBA and Reno Mark, energy efficiency labels such as Built Green Canada, the local Chamber of Commerce etc. Do they have a business license?

When looking for custom home builders in your area, it all boils down to asking some key questions, meeting the owners and staff, and going with what feels right.

Good luck in your search and feel free to contact us if you need any clarification or have any other questions!

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