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Bear Creek Home Construction

custom home construction project in Whistler, BC

RDC Fine Homes’ President Bob Deeks provides an update on our Bear Creek Whistler home construction project in Bear Creek Estates near Whistler Creekside. We will be posting regular updates for this Whistler construction project.

UPDATE 1 (MAY 25, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ Bob Deeks provides the first update for a new home construction project underway in Bear Creek Whistler. This video shows the damp proofing process developed for the home’s foundation.

Video Transcript Update 1

Bob Deeks:

“Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes, up here at our Energy Step Code 4 house. Just having a look at the damp proofing that has been completed here on the lower section. You can see we have the bag footing, then Nudura Peel and Stick on the Nudura ICF forms, and then we’re using a DELTA DRAIN, interestingly, because we have a lot of water coming in on the back of this site. We have glued the DELTA DRAIN onto the ICF with the peel and stick in behind to make sure that we have no mechanical fasteners that are penetrating this important envelope, to ensure that the lower floor basement of this house stays dry, and we never get that damp musty smell.”

UPDATE 2 (MAY 26, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks reviews rock slinging at a home construction project’s foundation in Bear Creek Whistler.

Video Transcript Update 2

Bob Deeks:
“Hey, Bob Deeks here. We are at our Whistler Step 4 House. Rock slinger here with Marshall Brothers slinger, loading the gravel on, and slinging the material all the way to the back of the first phase four. As you can see later on, we’ll have to sling material all the way up to the very, very back there. But that’s still some weeks out. Pretty exciting. See all this machinery here to get this backfill so we can move on to the next phase of our concrete.”

UPDATE 3 (JUNE 20, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our new home construction project in Whistler’s Bear Creek neighbourhood. This project involves a sophisticated foundation development including a well-orchestrated concrete pour.

Video Transcript Update 3

Bob Deeks:

“(Today we’re) pouring into (concrete into) our Nudura forms. All the bracing work that the guys have done to make sure that the walls stay perfectly plumb, level, and square as we load the concrete up, as you can see. We’ve got to get up to that level way up there on the next floor. So you can see where the pump truck is right now. Eventually, those walls will get up another 15 feet.”

UPDATE 4 (AUGUST 11, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ Bob Deeks reviews ongoing structural work for a home construction project currently underway in Bear Creek Whistler.

Video Transcript Update 4

Bob Deeks:

“Hey there, Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes. I’m back up at our site in Bear Creek in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. We are just getting ready to fly in the first elements for the steel structure on this project that’s built into the hillside here.

As you can see, the crane’s just getting ready, we are in the process of getting our first-floor system installed, and we need a few steel elements to support it. Let’s turn around, and we’ll have a look at them flying in the first of these steel HSS (hollow structural section) posts.

Here, we can just see the first of our HSS posts starting to fly in here, as the guys are getting ready to assemble the floor joists for our TGI floor system (Trus Joist® TJI® joists) in our energy step code four home here. So very exciting to see some of these structural elements going in.

We need to get the floor system in here to brace our tall walls at the back there so we can finish off our insulated concrete forms. So we’ve got about a week and a half to get this floor system in, and then we can continue with our ICF, our insulated concrete forms work here and get up to the roof. We are probably about three to four weeks away from being able to put our roof trusses in and get this baby closed in.

So stay tuned, we’ll come back as we get back to ICF works in a couple of weeks here.”

UPDATE 5 (AUGUST 27, 2020)

Bob Deeks, RDC Fine Homes’ President, provides an update and shows off some amazing views of the Whistler Valley from this new project.

Video Transcript Update 5

Bob Deeks:

“Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. I am back up at our Bear Creek Step 4 project. The boys have been working hard over the last couple of weeks and we’ve got the main floor system in on the top floor. 

So I thought we would take a walk up there and see what the view is like from what will be the future kitchen, living room, dining room. So we’ll turn around and I’ll give you a little bit of an insight as to how far up the hill this top floor really is.

Here we are. We’re at the bottom of the construction stairs and let’s go up and we’ll just see how far up this really is to get to the top floor of this four story project as we’re marching up the stairs here as quickly as I can go just to give you an idea of how far up the hill this house really is. Here we are. We’re at the bedroom level. And so we’re about two thirds of the way up. Of course, there you got the view looking down the valley and we’ll go inside and we’ll go up the stairs to the next level.

Here we are. We’re at the bedroom level and we’re going to go up to the top floor, kitchen, living room, dining room, and let’s see what the view looks from way up here. This is the first time that I’ve had a chance to come up and have a look at where we’re at here. So that’s the back wall of the house. The boys just poured that slab in there today. Bracing’s still in place until we get the roof system in. And there you go. What a fantastic view. This is over the Whistler Valley. It’s about 5:30 in the afternoon here in end of August.”

UPDATE 6 (OCT. 29, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our a new home construction project in Whistler’s Bear Creek neighbourhood. This includes an update about preparing for structural steel assembly, shoring, and radon mitigation work.

Video Transcript Update 6

Bob Deeks:

“Hey, Bob Deeks here from RDC Fine Homes, up here in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. I am at our Bear Creek Energy Step Code 4 House. It’s been a bit of a while since we’ve done a bit of an update here. As you can see, winter is starting to arrive, a little bit of snow on the ground. Today, we’re going to have a look at the structural steel erection. Our radon mitigation is complete, just waiting for concrete there.

Steel guys should be here shortly, and we’ll get a short video of the steel getting flown in. Right now, let’s go up onto the main floor, and we’ll have a bit of a look at some of the steel structure that’s going in place. We are one week away from the trusses arriving and finally getting a lid on the project here.

What you’re looking at here is all the shoring that is going in place for our Quad-Deck. That is an insulated structural slab that’ll go on the roof of the garage and suite here to support the landscaping. That’ll eventually go on top to somewhat hide the garage element of this four-story structure here. Boys are making good progress on getting all the shoring up. We are about a week or so away from installing the Quad-Deck and pouring the concrete slab.

Just in here, on the main floor, having a look at the radon mitigation install here. That gold fabric you can see is Radon Block from Radon Environmental. If you look closely, you can see that it is sealed around all our penetrations here. One, to prevent any ingress of radon gas, and then it’s also acting as our air barrier underneath with our slab, which is really important for our overall airtightness. You can see that grey tape sealed around all the penetrations. Then, these forms that you see in the slab, that’s there to… or slightly lower slab in the bathrooms, so when the tile setter comes in, they can custom slope all the showers. They’ll build up the balance of the slab work in there when they apply their tile.

A good shot down there. Black tusk cranes just setting up to start lifting in a second load of steel here. They should be done at the end of the day. Down on the ground there, you can just see all the steel-lined up. Some really big beams and some more HSS posts ready to go. Shout out to Sea to Sky Welding and Bob the Welder for a great team effort here to get this stuff fabricated and make sure it all fits.

Looking forward to a successful day here, get all the rest of the steel in place, and then looking forward to trusses showing up next Tuesday, and finally getting a roof on this just in time for the winter snow. Hopefully, we’re going to see some warmer temperatures this week. The snow will melt, and we’ll be well on our way to moving on inside during the colder months here. Stay tuned for the next update next week, when the trusses arrive.”

UPDATE 7 (NOV. 16, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our a new home construction project in Whistler’s Bear Creek neighbourhood. This includes an update about preparing for the installation of roof trusses and a quad deck insulated suspended slab system.

Video Transcript Update 7

Bob Deeks:

“Hey, there. Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes. I am up here in a very damp and rainy Whistler, British Columbia. Early in November here, just waiting day-by-day for the snow to start falling. Keeping my fingers crossed that the snow falls a couple meters, a couple 100 meters above my head. The last thing we need right now is a meter of snow in the Valley. This is a calm before the storm. We are an hour or so away from having the roof trusses delivered. You can see the steel in the background is ready to accept all those roof trusses. So, pretty exciting three days here as the trusses get delivered this morning. And we start flying them up into place tomorrow morning. So I will be back on site first thing tomorrow to get a few shots of the crane lifting those in.

And we are really keeping our fingers crossed that we will beat the weather here, get those trusses in place, and get our roof membrane on before the snow really starts coming. You can also see the guys on that deck there. They are installing the quad deck, which is an insulated suspended slab system that will create the roof over the garage and suite area. Eventually, that will get landscaped to really obscure the bottom two levels from the top two levels. So looking forward to the development of that. And we are probably two or three weeks away from pouring that slab and getting that lid closed in.

So stay tuned for tomorrow. And if you want to follow along with the progress on this and other projects, then please subscribe to the (RDC Fine Homes) YouTube channel. Cheers. Down on the quad deck system that makes the roof of the suite over top of the garage, boys are making good progress on that. That’s an expanded polystyrene structural slab system. You can see the steel grade beams in between the styrofoam there that creates the structural rigidity to support the way of the landscaping that’ll go on top. And then of course, you can see all the trusses laid out down there on the roadway as they prep them, getting ready to fly them in.

Hey, Bob Deeks here. We’re up in our BC Energy Step Code house in Bear Creek, and we are just flying the trusses in. You can see a truss coming in right now. This is truss number three, getting down on top of all our structural steel that went in last week from the update that you saw or you might’ve seen then. So as we look around here, you can see trusses just in place. And we’ve got about two days here. And we should see trusses in place and sheeting going down just in time to beat the snow that’s forecasted about 10 days from now. So stay tuned. We’ll come back. We’ll have a look at what the house looks like with a roof in place.”

UPDATE 8 (JAN. 13, 2020)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on our a new home construction project in Whistler’s Bear Creek neighbourhood. This includes an update showing the top two floors and quad deck of this new home construction.

Video Transcript Update 8

Bob Deeks (00:00):

“Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes up here in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. I am up at our Bear Creek Energy Step Code 4 Project. The boys have been back at work now for a week after our Christmas break. As you can see, winter is fully upon us. We’ve had an enormous amount of snow over the last two or three weeks. And if you can see in the background there it is snowing today. We got the quad-deck poured before Christmas and back framing inside as well underway. So, let’s go on inside and see the progress that we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. All right, on the second floor here, this is the bedroom floor, as you can see, back framing is well underway, shear walls are getting framed. We’re also framing a wall in front of our insulated concrete forms for mechanical chases and so on and so forth. And just to make sure we get a really nice smooth face on our drywall.”

Bob Deeks (01:00):

“These of course are our temporary stairs. Let’s go on upstairs and we’ll see what kind of progress has been made on the top floor. Of course, we’ve got our roof membrane on before Christmas, so everything is dry inside. We still have our shoring up on that back retaining wall there, that’ll come down shortly as the guys get started on the back framing on this floor. And of course, no windows or doors in as yet. We’re still probably two or three months away before we can get the whole building closed-in. Of course, what you can see there, is just the back of the big white tent. Let’s go down and we’ll go in and see what the top of the quad-deck looks like. All right, up on the top of the quad-deck roof here, as you can see, concrete was poured, nicely cured. We had it heated over the Christmas period to make sure that everything stayed warm.”

Bob Deeks (02:01):

“And you can see the stacks of our Nudura ICF Forms here, as we still have some forming left to go. We’ve got the elevator chase here and it lost a little bit of ICF forming to get us up to the top level up there, which is where I just was as we were looking at the bedroom floor, which is behind that orange tarp. So, still have a few weeks of concrete to go, next concrete pour in about two and a half weeks. And then we can get rid of the big white tent and the guys will be formally onto finishing up their framing and getting ready for our windows and mechanical rough-ins. So stay tuned, and come back in a couple of weeks when we’ve got our next concrete pour. And of course, if you want to follow along in this project, be sure to sign up for the YouTube channel. Thanks, everyone.”

UPDATE 9 (APRIL 30, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on a new home renovation construction project in Whistler’s Bear Creek neighbourhood. Bob highlights plumbing and electrical installation updates on the top new floors of this home.

Video Transcript Update 9

Bob Deeks (00:00):

“Hey there. Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes up here in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Been a while since we’ve been to our Net Zero ready project up here in Bear Creek. Thought we’d come by today and have a quick look at the progress. Plumbers and electricians and the heating and ventilation guys are getting close to being done. So we can go inside and have a look at what they’re doing. We’ve done a few additional concrete pours for the elevator shaft and some retaining over the green roof there. So we can have a quick look at that. And just a general walkthrough and update on this exciting project that is built into the side of the mountain here.”

Bob Deeks (00:40):

“So up on the lower floor of the upper level, looking down on what will be the green roof over top of the suite in the garage, the concrete wall, you can see there with the forms on it, will help retain the soils between the main house here and the green roof sitting over top of the garage. We’re going to use some void form in there to fill up most of the space. And then there’ll be soils and planting on top to make it look like the whole bottom floor is, essentially, built into the hillside. Just go on inside. Back framing significantly complete here. You can see supplies for water lines and plumbing.”

Bob Deeks (01:27):

“You can see the plumbing rough-ins there in the wall. The silver pipe you see there is the start of the rough-ins for the heat recovery ventilator or the fresh air delivery system. You can see back framing down here on our ICF walls. And then the pipe on the ceiling there, that is for our Dettson Smart Duct heating and cooling system. You can see the electricians are making good progress, that Roxul that you see in the background there, that’s going to go in between the framing here on our insulated concrete forms to act as some extra insulation and some fire stopping. You can see we were able to get our hands on enough Roxul. I understand that is in a bit of short supply. Everything nice and neat and tidy. This will be a mechanical room space down here. So you can see all the wires getting pulled down in here for the electrical panel, eventually. And of course, terminations on the HVAC ducting there. Gas lines coming in.”

Bob Deeks (02:38):

“Let’s quickly walk around and we’ll go and have a quick look upstairs. Just take a quick walk up. These are the temporary stairs that are getting us up to the main kitchen, living, dining room elevation. See the drop ceiling, there, with the mechanicals hidden inside that. Coming up. Wiring well underway. Sun just coming out here. We’ve had a pretty amazing April weather for the guys working outside. A little bit of a sun peeking through. If the clouds weren’t there, this is a spectacular view south down towards Garibaldi and Squamish. You see a back framing well underway here, nearing completion. Rough-ins up there for the Dettson system, again. The wall you’re looking at there, that’ll be the kitchen. Dining room in front. Fireplace enclosure for a nice big gas fireplace.”

Bob Deeks (03:43):

“And then through into the master bedroom component. Bedroom here. Big window that will get us a great look at the view south down through the valley. And then, of course, a bathroom in behind here. We have left the slab out there so that the big walk-in shower can properly get sloped and all of that cool stuff. Plumbing rough-ins nearing completion. We are looking forward to our windows towards the end of the month of May. Just the end of April, right now. So another four weeks or so. And we should be a lockup and getting ready for our AeroBarrier system to come in and make the building airtight. So stay tuned for some future updates. I really appreciate you watching along. If you want to see more updates on the YouTube channel, then please subscribe. And of course, all the posts go to Facebook and Instagram, so you can follow us along there, too. Thanks very much.”

UPDATE 10 (DEC. 20, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes’ president Bob Deeks provides an update on a Step 5 Energy Code home renovation construction project in Whistler’s Bear Creek neighbourhood. Nearly finished, Bob highlights efficient duct systems and gives us a tour of the house before the finishing touches.

Video Transcript Update 10

Bob Deeks (00:00):
“Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. I am finally back up here at what has now become our Step 5 Home up in beautiful, snowy Whistler, British Columbia.”

Bob Deeks (00:11):
“We are just heading into Christmas last week beforehand. And while the outside still needs some work, as you can see some siding that’s going to wait till the spring, the inside is nearing completion, with our happy clients moving in just before Christmas. So I thought now would be a great time to come in and have a quick update on progress to date.”

Bob Deeks (00:35):
“And just for fun, if you want to see where we’ve come from on this incredible build, go back and check out some of the videos from a year or two ago, as we were doing site works and foundations, to get a better sense of what the true scope of this incredible build is. So let’s go on inside and we’ll have a look at some of the finishes, and a few shout-outs to some of our key partners who have made this such a great success.”

Bob Deeks (01:01):
“Here we are, entry, coming in from the stairs, from the lower level door there. Of course, elevator doors are in and the platform has been installed. You can see the track there. The cab is a little bit on back order. And of course, we’ve got these fantastic looking stairs from BH Wood, fit like a glove. So shout-out to the boys there for doing a fantastic job.”

Bob Deeks (01:32):
“Of course, this floor down here is our bedroom floor, although you can still see that we’ve got some protection and things down on the floor, finishes are generally complete. And of course, we’ve got a Marathon hot water tank from Rheem in there. That is truly the most efficient electric resistance hot water tank on the market and should last you at least 20 years. And then of course, our favorite heating and cooling partner, Dettson, and their Smart Duct system. We can have a look at some of the diffusers as we go through.”

Bob Deeks (02:10):
“Hallway down to bedrooms. Bedrooms, you can see carpet in. Vacuum in the background. We’re doing a bit of cleaning, getting ready here. And laundry room at the back here. And yeah, just sort of in the last phases of cleaning. Of course, we’ve got the beds going in, furnishings. Bathroom ready to go, just need a mirror. So let’s go on upstairs and have a look at some of the jewelry up there.”

Bob Deeks (02:42):
“We’re going upstairs from the entry level, up to the kitchen, living room, dining room here. Bit of protection still on everything, but we’ve got a fantastic view out over the side there, and everybody, the boys, all celebrating with a little bit of a pizza lunch. Say hello, everyone.”

Bob Deeks (03:05):
“All right. Fireplace in the background. Shout-out to Sofo Kitchens for the kitchen in the background there. Yeah, final touches here as we get ready for Christmas.”

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