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Architectural Styles


One of the most exciting parts about building a new home is deciding what it’s going to look like. Some of the most popular architectural styles in the Sea to Sky Corridor are Chalet Style, Modern and Scandinavian. Each of these has unique benefits and is perfectly suited for this part of the world.

Whatever style you choose, your team here at RDC Fine Homes is here to make your dream a reality.

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Scandinavian architecture style has taken the world by storm over the past number of years. This style focuses on creating harmony between the building and the natural landscape. Natural light is used wherever possible and allows light into your home on even the dullest winter days. Floor to ceiling windows and patio doors help to blur the line between indoors and outdoors by welcoming nature into the house. 

Natural materials are also heavily used, with wood and stone featuring prominently in Scandinavian homes. This brings a natural, muted colour palette to the building, which many find relaxing and grounding. When design decisions arise, the most functional and simplistic solution is often used. 

Scandinavian homes are also perfect candidates to be Net Zero homes. Thanks to the abundance of natural light in these homes there’s great potential to use a thermal mass. A thermal mass, like a concrete floor slab, traps heat created by sunlight and heating systems. It then releases this heat throughout the evening time, reducing dependency on heating systems. 

If you’re building a home that has a strong connection to nature, then why not use nature to heat your home? 

A geothermal heating system uses a coil buried underground to extract heat from the earth and transfer it to your home. A true Scandinavian home strikes the balance between style and nature.

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Modern architecture has been popular for a number of years now and can be found all across the world. Modern homes can be both beautiful and healthy places to live. Modern architecture uses a lot of 90-degree angles. Curves and flowing lines are abandoned instead for hard edges and corners. 

Reinforced steel and concrete structures are used to build the modern home and these structural elements are exposed rather than hidden behind walls. The belief is that these are the bones of the house and should be celebrated. Open space is also a very important part of modern architecture. Open plan living and the use of white paint gives these homes a spacious and airy feel, while the limited use of ornaments leaves modern homes clutter-free.

Because of this lack of clutter modern homes can be considered to be healthy homes. Healthy homes promote a healthy lifestyle by removing objects that may be unsafe or contain dangerous containments. Modern homes can also be very energy efficient as they tend to use the latest technologies during construction. Modern windows and insulation can make a home healthier by using inefficient heating systems less.

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